Assistant Professor in Solar/Stellar Data Analysis

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Open PhD positions at GAIN!!

The newly formed Georgia AstroInformatics Nexus (GAIN) in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) invites applications for its PhD program from motivated students of any nationality.

Participate in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research while living in the vibrant city of Atlanta. The Georgia AstroInformatics Nexus includes Professors Petrus Martens, Stuart Jefferies, Rafal Angryk, Shihao Ji, Juan Banda, and Jane Pratt. We study space plasma physics, solar/stellar physics, the interstellar medium, and space weather.

New PhD projects will focus on one of several areas: (1) Developing cutting-edge data analytics methods to predict solar flares and eruptions. (2) Predicting space weather and space climate. (3) Modeling solar-like and non-solar stars using magnetohydrodynamic simulations. (4) Producing, understanding, and interpreting new helioseismology and astroseismology data.

We seek highly motivated, qualified candidates with initial degrees in Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, or Computer Science. Experience in programming with MPI-Fortran, Python, or other high-level languages, and knowledge of numerical methods is desirable. Doctoral degrees in Physics, Astronomy, or Computer Science are available. These PhD projects will use new computer systems at Georgia State University, national and international supercomputers, and data from world-class telescopes.

Successful candidates will have a good working knowledge of English. Living costs will be covered by stipend, and tuition fees will be provided. PhD students may also access research funds to cover travel and other research expenses (e.g. conferences, observing missions, etc.). For further information please contact: Dr. Jane Pratt, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, e-mail: