Connections in the back of a Cray XC40 supercomputer

Connections between components of a supercomputer used for astrophysical calculations

The Georgia AstroInformatics Nexus (GAIN) is a collaboration of astronomers, astrophysicists, and computer scientists at Georgia State University.

Astroinformatics centers around the analysis of astrophysical data using techniques developed for Big Data. Astroinformatics also focuses on statistical interpretations in data mining. Involved in astroinformatics are also both the effort to improve observational data, and topics of theoretical and computational astrophysics. In GAIN we analyze both observational data, and data produced using astrophysical models and simulation.

Faculty involved with GAIN:

In Physics and Astronomy:

Petrus Martens, Stuart Jefferies, Jane Pratt, Slava Sadykov

In Computer Science:

Rafal Angryk, Jonathan Shihao Ji, Juan Banda


Check out a presentation on our group from February 2018.